Our Markets

From the start, FRUVEGO's goal has been to serve the most demanding markets worldwide. We strive to establish our quality and product in markets which value quality and consistency.

FRUVEGO serves customers in 8 countries, and is currently working in expanding it's customers portfolio.

North America




United Kingdom


Countries we serve

World map showing where Honduras is and the maritime and aerial routes Fruvego uses to export their product to North America and Europe.

Our Logistics - How we get there

Consistency on deliveries is key for every customer we serve, for this reason FRUVEGO works with the most reliable logistic providers worldwide.

We ship our Okra by Ocean only to North America and by air to Europe, UK, and USA.

By Air

2-3 days transit
  • From Honduras and El Salvador airports to all destinations in Europe year-round.
  • From Honduras and El Salvador airports to North America from May to November.

Main airfreight providers K+N, DHL, Amerijet, and UPS.

By Ocean

3-5 days transit
  • From Puerto Cortes, Honduras to North America from November to May.

Main ocean transport providers such as Crowley, Seaboard, and Dole, which are the most realiable shipping lines from Honduras to North America.


We carefully pack our Product to ensure high quality

Our process starts by washing the Okra and cleansing the fruit with water and organic products which enhance shelf life. The product goes through two selection stages and Okra is packed by size, color, shape, and variety.

The fruit is immediately cooled reaching an optimum temperature of 45F or 7.2C.

Conventional North American Packaging

For the North American market, fruit is packed in a half bushel 7kg box.

81 boxes per pallet
135 boxes per pallet

European (Indian) Packaging

For the European Market Indian type Okra is packed in a 4kg box.

117 boxes per pallet

European (Clemson) Packaging

For the European Market Clemson type Okra is packed in a 5kg box.

99 boxes per pallet
Our cooling facilities

In order to deliver the freshest product

As with all perishable products, reducing the maturity or respiration rate of the fruit is key for enhancing shelflife, this is obtained by reducing temperature efficiently and rapidly. For this reason FRUVEGO has invested on it's own cooling facilities, which have capacity for processing and cooling 50 pallets per day.

FRUVEGO is benefited from the fact, that all the production areas within our farms are less than 1km / .62mi away from our packing facility, meaning that our fruit is cooled at a quicker and more efficient rate.

Building solid relationships with our partners and customers every step of the way.